Synod Mission Treasury Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some of our favorite questions asked by you!!  If you have others, please send them to the coordinator by clicking on the "Contact Coordinator" tab.

1. What percentage of mission giving does the Synod keep? ZERO! Every dollar that is received by the Synod for Mission, is passed on to the appropriate recipient.

2. How can I tell my mission dollars are given to the projects that I choose? Each month your church will receive a statement indicating what was received by the Synod during the month, and the projects the funds went to.  This statement also indicates how you are doing towards your annual Mission Giving pledge.

3. Does it take longer if I send my mission giving dollars through the Synod Receiving Site than if I send it directly to G.A.?  No, actually it speeds up the process.  By sending your giving through the Synod, the Synod ensures that your remittance form matches the dollar amount submitted and that the projects to which you've given money are still active.  The information is entered into the Mission Treasury System software and electronically downloaded into G.A.'s system.  This saves valuable time for G. A. and ensures your funds are delivered to the proper projects. 

4. What Mission Giving counts towards the "Mission Giving Discount" for Synod loans? All General Mission Giving and Special Offerings such as One Great Hour of Sharing, Peacemaking, Disaster, Christmas/Joy Offering, and all Mission Giving to "Extra Commitment" or local community projects.