Current Presbyterian Disaster Relief Projects

Initial Response Accounts

General Relief and Undesignated Program Support

DR000148 - Supplements the One Great Hour of Sharing (OGHS) offering and enables members and congregations to make general designations to use funds where they are most needed as determined by Presbyterian Disaster Assistance (PDA).

International Disasters and Emergencies

DR999999 - Supplements the OGHS offerings to enable a significant, initial response to major international disasters and emergencies.

U.S. Disasters and Emergencies

DR000015 - Supplements the OGHS offering to enable significant, initial response to major national disasters and emergencies.

Designated Disaster Accounts

Gifts to designated disaster accounts supplement the OGHS offering to enable a significant response for relief and disaster in the specified locations.

U.S. Hurricane Response (2017 Harvey)
Atlantic Regional Hurricane Response (2017 Maria, Irma)
Fire Victim Relief - Presbytery of the Redwoods (2017 Bay Area, CA)
International Earthquake Assistance (2017 Mexico)
U.S. Hurricane Response (2016 Matthew)
U.S. Flooding Relief (2016 South Louisiana, West Virginia)
International Refugee Relief (2016 Syrian Crisis)
Food Security (International) - Foods Resource Bank DR000182
Pastoral Support and Care Giving DR000177
Moringa Tree DR000175
Building Supplies (U.S.A. Disasters) DR000174
Tools of Hope DR000170
Malawi and Southern Africa DR000158
Refugee and IDP Programs International DR000156
Gifts of the Heart Kits (CWS) DR000151
Indonesia DR000146
Central America DR000139
Tools of Hope (CWS) DR000136
Landmine Clearance & Education DR000132
Kenya DR000131
North Korea DR000122
Refugee Emergencies (in the USA) DR000095
India DR000091
Russia DR000089
Democratic Rep of Congo (formerly know as Zaire) DR000088
Middle East DR000081
Blanket Fund (Church World Service) DR000072
Haiti DR000064
Sudan - Darfur DR000044
Sudan DR000043
Pakistan/Afghanistan DR000038