Synod Personnel Adminstration Services

The Synod of the Pacific's Personnel Service is a voluntary arrangement between the Synod and any presbytery within its bounds that wishes to participate. A formal agreement is executed between both parties to ensure professionalism and complete disclosure. 

The Synod provides, under the umbrella of its personnel service, and in its role as employer, experienced human resource management staff, as well as process, forms and a policies and procedures manual, which are regularly reviewed and updated to insure that they possess the necessary tools to implement an effective HR system compliant with state and federal employment law. 

The Synod utilizes legal counsel whose specialty is employment law, to provide us with any personnel law updates and alerts.  They contract the services of a personnel and compensation consultant, who also advises the Board of Pensions, to assist us in developing and maintaining appropriate and competitive salary ranges by geographic location, and a logical, flexible compensation policy for all staff under our personnel service.

Our goal is to perform these services on behalf of our participating presbyteries to help ensure effective HR Management while, at the same time, freeing up the presbytery's resources of people, time and money to be utilized in other ministry work of the presbytery.

Please click here to download the Personnel Guidelines for Congregations manual.