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 The Synod of the Pacific will be leaving the physical location

Mission Treasury Department

Synod of the Pacific offers Mission/Ministry grants through it Mission Partnership. Your project may be eligible for one.

Emerging Need Grant

Emerging Need Grants were established in 2006, to provide funding assistance to Presbyterian Entities that have an emerging (suddenly arising) ministry or mission project which had not been included in their member Presbytery’s or Synod’s current year’s fiscal budget.

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Hilda V. Thompson Medical Ministry Fund

Hilda V. Thompson, a former member of First Presbyterian Church, Soda Springs, left a gift of her working ranch and investment portfolio to five recipients including the Synod of the Pacific.

Through this bequest a Medical Ministry Fund was established offering grants for “medical services for people in need in the United States”.

Applicants may seek a one to three year reducing grant, not to exceed an initial grant of $5,000.00. 

Preference is given to Parish Nursing Programs, however, applications that focus on health screening, preventive education, or caregivers support are given favorable consideration.

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Opportunity Fund Grants

In 2008, the Opportunity Fund was established by the Synod’s Mission Partnership in order for separate entities to come together for a specific project/mission within the Synod of the Pacific. Entities could be two churches, a church and a presbytery, a presbytery and Synod, or any combination as long as one entity is Presbyterian.

Restrictions for the type of project are few because opportunities come in a variety of shapes and sizes.

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