The Mission & Vision of The Synod of the Pacific

Our Mission Statement

We, the Synod of the Pacific, PC(U.S.A.), are a diverse people, one in Christ, who are called to foster connectionalism and partnership within the Church, following Christ who leads us to what God is calling us to be and to do.

Our Vision Statement

We seek to be in mission together through our stewardship of finances.  We will respond to our presbyteries and their churches by developing and providing resources to facilitate their ministries.

We shall provide assistance to our presbyteries and their churches through the services of the Synod, i.e., financial and administrative support from staff: Mission Treasury, Investments and Loans, and Employee Benefits.

We shall facilitate dialogue and assist the presbyteries to foster relationships and partnerships within the Synod.

We shall coordinate and assist in funding training events and networking in such areas as emerging mission opportunities, racial ethnic concerns, COM/CPM conferences and misconduct prevention.

We shall develop and utilize multiple avenues of communications among our partners within the Synod and General Assembly.

We shall consult with the presbyteries as to how we may provide assistance with conflict management/resolution.

We will regularly acknowledge and affirm God’s redeeming and reconciling activity in our relationship with General Assembly and in the mission of the Synod.