Overview of Synod Investment Service

The Synod of the Pacific Investment Service is open to any church, presbytery, specialized ministry, or ecumenical partner related to the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) within the bounds of the Synod.

The Investment Service was established with initial deposits of less than 2 million dollars in 1989. Today deposits exceed over 30 million dollars.  Churches have choices of how they wish to invest their dollars.

The Custodial Fund – similar to a money market account, is 100% liquid and offers flexibility to depositors.

Mission Development Certificates – We offer six-month, one-year, two-year, and three-year Mission Development Certificates which, depending upon the term of the certificate, will accrue interest at a higher rate, but cannot be redeemed under any circumstances until maturity.

The Synod’s 5 million dollar line of credit with its bank ensures continual liquidity for all investment depositors.

The deposits from the Investment Service make possible the Synod Loan Service.

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Overview of Synod Loan Service

The Synod of the Pacific has an extended history, dating back to the 1950s, of lending to member churches, presbyteries, and constituent organizations within its bounds. The Synod’s current portfolio stands at 31 million dollars. It has never had to foreclose on a borrower and has been repaid every dollar lent under the current loan program.

The Synod’s Loan Service provides much-needed funds for the site and church property purchases, first unit (sanctuary, Christian education, and offices) construction, expansion, renovation, and refinancing projects, manse purchases, and home-equity sharing arrangements. It also provides flexibility and an understanding of Presbyterian Church needs and operations that cannot typically be found with commercial lenders, in addition to attractive interest rates, and very low fees and expenses. 

Because the Investment and Loan Services work together, it is known as the Synod Investment and Loan Service.

The net proceeds generated from the Investment and Loan Services are recycled back to member presbyteries as a portion of their Mission Partnership Fund allocations.

The liquidity of the Service is underwritten by a $5 Million Revolving Line of Credit with Umpqua Bank. 

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