Investment FAQs

No, there is no federal insurance on the Custodial or Mission Development Certificate Investment accounts. However, the Synod takes pride in the fact that since its inception in 1989, not a single investment dollar has been lost. With your invested dollars, the Synod can make loans to new churches and existing churches that are constructing, renovating, or repairing their buildings. Not only are you investing your money, but you're also investing in mission.

There are no application forms or signature cards needed to establish a Custodial Account. Simply, provide in writing, on letterhead, and addressed to the Coordinator, the names and phone numbers of at least three persons authorized to withdraw or transfer funds. All draws must be confirmed by a second person. There are no other restrictions. However, a depositor may place any restrictions on withdrawals - simply state these restrictions and they will be honored. There is a circular and application form for the Mission Development service, which you may access through our web site. Make your check payable to Synod of the Pacific indicating, on the check memo line, the Pin Number (for churches). An alpha number will be assigned to specialized ministries, ecumenical and other organizations. Also mark the envelope, Custodial Fund. All incoming funds to the Synod are received at a lockbox. Custodial and Mission Development deposits should be addressed to:

Synod of the Pacific
Investment Deposits
P.O. Box 964
Petaluma, CA 94953-0964

If a depositor is uncomfortable mailing a large deposit to our lockbox, it can be wire transferred. Please call the Coordinator for wire information. A depositor must contact the Coordinator, of the date and amount a wire is being made to Synod's account.

Yes. The $1,000.00 initial minimum deposit applies to each Custodial account, and $1,000 for 6-month MDC and $1,000 for 1, 2, 3-year MDCs are the minimum amounts required to open a Mission Development account. Monthly statements, from the beginning of the year, are mailed for each account the Synod holds on a depositor's behalf, showing all account activity and the interest rate.

All Synod interest rates are determined based on the Synod's Internal Cost of Funds. Interest earned at month-end, if not withdrawn, is added to the account and draws interest in subsequent months. For Mission Development Certificates, the rate at the time of deposit will be fixed during the term of the deposit. Interest earned at month-end is added to the account and draws interest in subsequent months. Note: The current interest rates are posted on this web site.

For Custodial deposits, a depositor may withdraw any amount or all of its funds at any time, without penalty, by the following methods or combination:
  • E-mail and request the amount that you'd like to withdraw with the investment number included. Carbon copy at least one additional authorized person at your church or organization to confirm the request.
  • If E-mail is not an option, please phone the Coordinator at 707-765-1772 Ext. 110, or leave the request/confirmation on the Coordinator's voice mail. One authorized person should request the withdraw and another should leave a message to confirm the requested withdrawal.
  • Write a letter requesting the withdrawal amount and listing the names of two authorized persons. An automatic monthly or quarterly check or transfer between accounts can also be made but must be requested in writing.

There are no provisions for early redemption.

There are several different options available for receiving withdrawing your invested funds:
  • By check, allow five working days to process and mail, no fee.
  • By check, sent Overnight Mail, next day, $15 fee.
  • By ACH, funds are transferred to the church's bank account the next day if the request is received before 4:00 p.m. PST, if it’s after the cutoff, it will go out the following business day
Note: Automatic monthly or quarterly checks, will be issued the tenth of the month or the tenth of the first quarter for the previous quarter.

Yes. The Loan Service and the Custodial/Mission Development Investment Service are separate funds. A church can have both, or one and not the other. Meanwhile, celebrate with us that the Synod Investment Service is a safe and valuable option for churches/related organization to invest their funds. Together with our depositors, we are providing mission throughout the Synod. If you have funds, we can put them to good use! Contact our Investment Coordinator, Danielle, at or 1/800/754-0669 Ext. 11 for further information.