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Synod offers Opportunity Grants for mission and ministries that benefit more than one entity. Two grants have already been awarded for 2013 totaling $16,000, leaving $26,718 still available for other applicants. >>Application


In 2013, four Hilda Thompson Medical Ministry Grants were awarded, totalling $19,000. >> Application 

Synod of the Pacific also offers Emerging Needs Grants.  A fund balance of $22,000 is available for grants this year. >>Application

Welcome to Synod of the Pacific

Synod's Mission Partnership Committee is Now Accepting
Hilda V. Thompson, Medical Ministry Fund Grant Applications

The Synod of the Pacific, through its Mission Partnership Committee, invites proposals from sessions and presbyteries of the PC(USA), and sponsoring programs who meet the criteria, to submit applications for consideration of monetary awards.  Grant applications must be submitted to the Synod Office no later than March 31, 2014.

To submit your proposal, download the application (see blue column on the right), read it completely, fill it out, and submit it by the March 31st date. Presbytery or congregations endorsements must be included.

Grants may be a one to three-year reducing grant, not to exceed an initial grant of $5,000.

Grants totalling $19,000 were awarded in 2013.

Please feel free to contact Patrice Alshuth at patrice@synodpacific.org with any questions or concerns.